Why is my Furnace Filter Whistling?

When the weather turns cold and crisp in autumn, it should be a pleasure to turn on your furnace and warm up your home. However, there are certain issues that can turn the pleasurable warmth associated with using your furnace into a pain. One of the most annoying concerns is a whistling furnace.

If you turn on your heater on a cool autumn night and hear more than just a simple blowing sound, you may have a problem with the fit of your furnace air filters. Put simply—a whistlingnoise in the heating system means that there is a leak somewhere in the system.

First, consider how long it has been since you’ve changed out the furnace filters in your home. Regularly changing these filters can help your family avoid problems with allergies, can improve the air quality in your home and will help your furnace operate more efficiently. However, regularly changing the filter is also important because the filter can lose its shape over time and begin causing that annoying whistling sound.

On the other hand, if you have been proactive about changing your HVAC furnace filters, it could be that you are not utilizing the correct size filter for your system. When you hear the whistling sound with a new filter, there may be a loose fit in the housing or on the track. Many HVAC units require the same size of filter, on paper, but the size of the filter housing may very slightly—perhaps even by a fraction of an inch. Even the smallest gap can allow air to flow through, creating the whistle.

If you are not getting a perfect fit, measure the actual dimension of your filter and HVAC furnace filters to size. By doing this, you do not have worry about the filter fitting too loosely within the crate—causing this whistling noise.

While choosing the correct furnace air filters for your home may seem to be a complex matter, it doesn’t have to be something you figure out all on your own. Air Filters Delivered can help you with the process. We sell filters in many standard and hard-to-find sizes.

Plus, our customer service staff is always here to help you every step of the way. Check out our website or give us a call and let us assist you as you find filters that will fit perfectly for quiet, comfortable operation all winter long.