7 Tips to keep your electric bill low this summer.

Summer is here, bringing extreme temperatures and working your A/C overtime. Keep your electric bill down with a few simple tips…

  1. Change your air filter – Under extreme weather, your A/C will work harder.  Changing the filter every 30 days helps your unit work more efficiently and consume less energy
  2. Schedule a check-up – Have a professional inspect your unit and point out any inefficiencies
  3. Aim for comfort – When home, set your thermostat between 70 and 75 degrees to balance energy and cost savings without sacrificing your comfort. Keep in mind that a single degree change can represent a 1 to 2% increase to your electric bill.
  4. Don’t waste energy – if you are gone during the day, keep your unit on but raise the setting to about 80 degrees. It will reduce energy consumption but keep moisture from building
  5. Keep it closed – Make sure windows are closed and curtains drawn to keep the heat out
  6. Use ceiling fans – Fans help circulate cool air and can make it feel 3 to 8 degrees cooler
  7. Unplug it – Computers and other home electronics generate heat. Unplug electronics when not in use

Stay tuned for more helpful tips and information or visit our site at Air Filters Delivered.

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